This Show Has Just Jumped The Kappa: Rayas-WEB Site News Number (Seriously, I Don’t Know What Number It Is Anymore)

Oh hey, I made a reference that isn’t pro wrestling, Dragon Ball or Evangelion. Good job!

With that out of the way, I just wanted to update you guys with that the hell is going on with this website right now. You may be surprised with the whole TubeYouer thing and you may be asking yourself, “I came here for anime and MNL48 reviews, why should I care about this Mister Metokur guy?”

The whole YouTuber Spotlight thingLet me explain.

Ever since 2017, I have consumed a lot of my time watching YouTube videos on my smartphone that I’ve discovered some entertaining YouTubers outside of Pewdiepie and Filthy Frank.

…and that’s why I want to share the love (and joy) with the people who read this site.

Sure not a lot of people would like what I would watch due to their taste in content but I wanted to share them with you guys nonetheless.

I also wanted to chronicle some fads that I have witnessed on the site’s existence like Vtubers, angry game reviewers, internet bloodsports, etc.

A preview of what would be next on the spotlight series: more internet spergery

Digging Into The Weeb Wars Well…Again – Just a note for international readers, I am not talking about the Vic Mignona controversy that KiwiFarms labelled as “weeb wars”.

This is about that time in 2014-2015 where slap-fights between nerds happen in Facebook and if I’ll be honest, as per the great Moviebob, this was my personal Vietnam.

I wanted to tell more stories about this but I have to find them first because knowing Facebook, some of those groups, posts, and even pages got relegated to Zuckerberg hell.

Team Oppai: Not much is known about them.

Where are the iSchool Reviews? – Most of the people here might be asking, where are your MNL48 iSchool reviews? I decided to put them in the backburner for now.

With my hectic schedule and the energy I have drained from it, I don’t think analyzing episodes of a 15 minute variety show would do wonders to my health.

“b..but you do the Kawaii5 stuff”, that’s just two 5 minute episodes per week so I have more patience in watching and reviewing those.

I’ll get back to it someday, once I figured out how time management works.

Besides, HalloHalloween Havoc 2021 is coming…

I would be posting more stuff here as time goes by but that’s it for now…

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