YouTuber Spotlight 2.0: Things That Might (Not) Be Anime Related

アニメ, those three katakana characters can mean “Chinese cartoons” for some and “a way of life” for others. We’ll be talking about anime YouTubers this time around.

I know I’ve highlighted one of them on the last post (Gator) so I won’t mention him on this one but I will mention some of the other anime YouTubers that I came across from my history of watching YouTube videos.

So without further ado, let’s go ahead and begin.

  1. Kenny Lauderdale
  2. Fumeicom
  3. Misc. Anime YouTubers

The Anime YouTuber for 30-year Old Boomers

One of my favorites in this category of YouTube, Kenny Lauderdale is what I would like to call “the obscure anime guy” because most of his videos are about anime that you’ve either never known or seen unless you have seen his video about it.

Unlike his contemporaries TheAnimeMan, SydSnap, or Mrs. Ethan Ralph, Kenny is more focused into what you would call “lost media”.

So much so that one of the stuff that he reviewed, “Hana no Asuka-gumi”’s second OVA has zero, and I mean ZERO screenshots on the internet and there’s the tale of “Masked Warrior Lavithunder” whose animated series never got released even on broadcast television but the supposed opening theme song got released and the fact that there’s little to no information about it on the internet makes it really interesting.

Aside from obscure anime that even MyAnimeList doesn’t have on their database, he also posts out-of-context anime clips, which of course, would come from his anime collection.

With how Kenny does his uploads, he would upload an out-of-context clip first, then people would want answers, then Kenny would upload a review. If that’s not a way to get your audience hooked to your content, then I don’t know what is.

He is mostly known for two videos: his review of 1985’s Twinkle NORA Rock Me and 1974’s Chargeman Ken. If you don’t know what those two tiles, go ahead. Search it on YouTube and you shall witness the horror(?) of Showa-era bad animation or just watch those videos here.

If you’re into the old and the obscure, Kenny’s YouTube channel is the place to go.

Friend of the Site FumeiCom

I am not sure if his channel really fits the description of an anime YouTuber but I decided to put him here nonetheless because he talks about anime (even though his main focus is on video games).

Fumeicom has probably been a name you’ve seen in some of my older blog posts (aka the ones that have Dragon Ball in it) and like our pal Mr. Lauderdale here, he is also into obscure anime media but he is primary focused on dubbed anime stuff from the 70s and 80s.

He is instrumental in finding the Philippine English dub of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z that was thought to be lost in time (and no, this is more than DB movies 2 and 3, he’s one of those who found dubs for movies 5 and 6, as well as that weird Solar Entertainment dub of movies 10 and 11 of Dragon Ball Z).

Not only that, he also found English dubs of Captain Harlock and a Nippon Animation produced Little Lulu anime. Yes, you heard that right: Little. Lulu. Anime.

As I’ve said, he delves into content other than anime, such as video game reviews. He also streams on Twitch too so if you want, you can check his channel out.

As much as I would like to delve into more details about other anime YouTubers, I really don’t have much insight on them because I…really don’t watch that much anime YouTube content. I would like to review anime using my own words than watching somebody else’s reviews and I’m really not that much into modern anime.

UTOI Anime ReviewsProbably the only Filipino anime review that I watch because most of the Philippine anime community would rather post their videos on Facebook and its mostly cookie cutter Tiktok content.

Aside from modern anime reviews, he is also an advocate of bringing back anime on local TV, a noble but lost cause if you were to ask me. By the way, he doesn’t speak English on his videos so for the people who don’t know Tagalog, he might not be for you.

MistareFusion – Like FumeiCom, I don’t really think that he’s an anime YouTuber first and foremost because he also covers a lot of topics from Super Sentai to Donkey Kong but he’s mostly known for his Dragon Ball Dissection series where he analyzes the themes, plots, and characters on not only the Dragon Ball manga but with the supplementary material as well (read: movies, TV specials, and even the TV anime itself).

TheWorldDBZ – Another former Kanzenshuu member, TheWorldDBZ aka kei17 as he’s know inside Kanzenshuu’s circle, is solely responsible with letting people know that a. Toei did a bad job with archiving their material because they “sometimes discarded the audio tapes of animes which were not to be released on home-videos immediately” and b. fans do record non-mecha anime on VHS and it’s not something only mecha fans do. He also uploads remasters of stuff other than Dragon Ball and he’s also into collecting dubs too.

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