Exploring Day Night Explorers’ Heavy Rotation Song and Dance Cover

Now for something wholesome after the whole bloodsports thing. We’ll be covering something special here as today, we’ll be talking about Day Night Explorers, Heavy Rotation, and just how special this cover of an AKB48 song from 2006 really is for all the people involved.

Who are Day Night Explorers exactly? Day Night Explorers (or DNE) is basically a cover group that’s composed of ex-MNL48 members Ashley Garcia, Faith Santiago, and the Duran twins (Shaina and Shaira Duran). They have been releasing covers of songs ranging from anime songs to whatever genre K/DA belongs to.

Let’s watch the video shall we?

I am at loss for words here. The video looks like it really was done by professionals considering the fact that DNE is an independent cover group. It really does show how passionate these ladies are with this project. Sound mixing is good at best and okay at worst.

The vocals can get drowned by the instrumentals sometimes that you have to train your ears to single out the minute differences in it.

Other than that, it is audible and I really liked the fact that they sang the song and not just danced on it while using the AKB48 song.

That’s all I can say with the video but we’re not done yet. I haven’t mentioned yet why is this special to DNE, and the lapsed MNL48 fans such as I. This is a special occasion for us because THIS is what MNL48 was supposed to be like. It’s supposed to be an idol group, not whatever HalloHallo has turned it into.

No offense to the current members and to the MNLoves but in all honesty, the plot has been lost since the pandemic happened and I understand that physical activities are a no-no in the time of Corona but there’s no way that HHE could’ve done something like this with the millions of pesos that they have got from their paypi- I mean MNLoves. Don’t even get me started with their unfinished deliveries and where’s the DVD?!

Enough about me ranting, this is also special to the fans because they can get to see oshis again. The oshis who made them fans of the group in the first place. In short, this Heavy Rotation cover is a love letter to us fans who have all but given up into supporting the group they came from in the first place.

Also, it’s been a year since DNE got formed and it’s nice of them to get in touch with their friends and reunite for this.

UPDATE: HalloHallo Entertainment has taken down the video on YouTube. Go watch it on Facebook instead.

2 thoughts on “Exploring Day Night Explorers’ Heavy Rotation Song and Dance Cover

  1. “THIS is what MNL48 was supposed to be like. It’s supposed to be an idol group, not whatever HalloHallo has turned it into.” This is absolutely true! Personally as a fan, I’m quite tired of the same repetitive content that HHE has given us. The KUMU lives, the podcasts… And just like you said, I blame it on the management, not the members. What DNE has done with this cover is the reason why I fell in love with MNL48 in the first place.

    and last thing: HHE talaga nag-take down nung video??? sorry di ako updated masiyado hahaha

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