The Ballad of GamerTotoy: A Deep Dive Into PH Cosplay’s Urban Legend

Cosplay in the Philippines? I dare you to look for a better place to read about Philippine cosplay.

Upon reading the stuff that was archived on the old website, mostly from 2011-2013, most of the site revolve around the who’s who of the cosplay scene and sometimes, it delves into what’s going on with pinoy otaku culture, if you can call the weebverse that.

Some of the opinions presented on GT do merit some points like how, through the use of “psychology”, he/they enumerated the types of otaku present in the community during the times, with some explanations and how Alodia’s then core fanbase are pretty much retarded manchildren who shout “HALLELODIA” like how most EOP Vtuber fans would spam the shit out of the live chat with memes like “HAACHAMA?!” or “Rushia boing boing” or “X POTATO”.

At times, there are these posts called “Random Pictures Of The Day” posting random coscom stuff and some Hello! Project crap that he wanted to fill the site with.

The site doesn’t feature cosplay related stuff though as they/he also do/does sentai and toy reviews as well as gaming and other general stuff. Although as not as popular as the stuff revolving around cosplay and its surrounding drama, it gave the site a variety so as not to be this one-trick pony, although later revisions of the site removed those sections of the site to focus more on the bread and butter.

Those are the positives, now let’s focus on what made it infamous. First of all, whoever ran the site had a hateboner for mostly two people: Alodia Gosiengfiao and one Ronald Guanzon. We’ll deal with the Guanzon guy later because there’s a lot of Alodia related content on this site.

You see, before becoming Mrs. Dasovich and becoming a FB Live streamer, Alodia was, and still is but only when opportunity presents itself, a cosplayer. In fact, that’s how she started and that’s how she skyrocketed to popularity and with that said, she was the first weeaboo to cross-over to the normie world in terms of popularity.

At the peak of popularity, she replaced Ely Buendia as Animax’s new ambassador, got her own ABS-CBN show with Luis Manzano (which premiered a year after Bitoy’s Funniest Videos ended its five year run on GMA, good job ABS-CBN), and, get this, became one of FHM’s top 100 sexiest women in 2013 or 2012 or something (which something that she didn’t like back then but then backtracked on that statement when she became the same magazine’s cover girl in 2014 or 2015). With that amount of success, comes in its critics. For every Anita Sarkeesian, there’s going to be a Carl Benjamin and Alodia is Sarkeesian as to GT is Sargon.

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