Shorts: CosplayPH Had A Magazine?!

Amidst all the Cosplay Matsuri drama, something good came out of the cosplay community in 2023. Well, not really from 2023 but it’s something good.

Yesterday, a poster at the CosplayPH Facebook group uploaded a photo of four magazines. He mentioned that these magazines were from 2007 and if you look at the photo on the right, these seemed to be some unfamiliar titles.

What are these magazines you ask? Namely, if you search for “Cosplay Magazine” and “Ozine Overload”, you may not get any search results but a few write-ups about said titles so let me give you the runaround.

“Cosplay Magazine” is a joint project between the Filcosplay forums,, and former owners of the Ozine trademark PSICOM Publishing and it seemed to be a short-lived magazine because nothing else came out of it except for this write-up on DeviantArt.

Ozine Overload, on the other hand, seemed to put more focus on the cosplay side of the anime fandom compared to it’s sister but alas, nothing else is known about it other than the fact that Angel Locsin was the cover girl for the first issue.

Well, let’s see if scans would come out of it.

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