On Nostalgia…

What makes you feel nostalgic?

Nostalgia can come from different things and experiences that we encounter every day of our lives. For instance, you may have fond memories of a certain show, event, song, or whathaveyou not because you liked the song or anything like that but because of the memories associated with it.

So to answer the question “what makes you feel nostalgic?”, I can say that there’s no definite answer to that question in my opinion, but if we’re talking about what makes ME nostalgic for something, it would mostly be with my relationship with whatever it is I am nostalgic about.

Take my fondness and nostalgia for the late 90s anime community, for instance, I started watching anime as early as four years old with my first exposure to anime being Dragon Ball‘s run on a local TV station called RPN 9.

Then came GMA’s still revolutionary idea of putting anime on primetime. Seven-year-old me was then exposed to Questor aka “the ultimate anime magazine” which, at the time, I really wanted but I somewhat knew that I am not Questor’s target audience.

Since then, I followed the rabbit hole that was the anime fandom and never got out in one piece ever since. In fact, I wrote a twoparter about the whole thing.

This relationship is also why I chose to attend Ozine Retro than Cosplay Matsuri.

This is also why I am wary of what would happen with Voltes V Legacy.

This is why I always wanted to write more about stuff like this GP tape from the 1980s, or the magazine that gave birth to Ozine Fest, and even my relationship with a certain Metal Hero spinoff show that Toei retconned when it seemed that said show would hurt their reputation and profit margins that they greenlighted not one, but three Space Sheriff reboots.

With that said, I would like to make up for the lost time in this blog by writing more about nostalgia. Thanks for reading my first WordPress writing prompt.

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